Castle Apartment in France

An apartment in Château d’Arc-en-Barrois is not just a home or a fancy home, it’s an experience! The castle is located in an idyllic French village, close to the Champagne route, but still only a few hours drive from Paris.The village ARC-EN-BARROIS has everything your heart desires and on arrival at the town square, which lies just outside the entrance to the castle, enthusiastic to the mood. If you enter the castle at the beautiful wrought iron gate, you see south of the 30 beautiful lime trees. Between the village and the castle park and along the castle’s west side is the River Aujon, there are things like the castle and is an unusual adorable little river with clear pure water, an abundance of fish, and just to bathe in. The castle contains the library, the castle chapel, billiard room, wine cellar and much more – all at the owners’ disposal. Once a year, the Princess Adelaide’s birthday on August 23 held Maskebal for slot owners, and here are two banqueting halls set up for the royal party with plenty of the castle’s own Champagne , brought up from the locked champagne cellar. A stay at the castle is ideal for people who enjoy life, who appreciate the charm and value for money. The apartment can be rented for between 400-600 kr per day.



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